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Dear San Elijo Middle School Families,

This is your principal, Dr. DeBora, with a message regarding a scheduling mishap and some reminders for our upcoming VIP Days.

Our scheduling system sent out wrong schedules today.  Some students posted the incorrect schedules on social media.  We caution you that students who post schedules could have the potential of their student ID number being stolen and used at school.  We strongly urge you to take down all schedules from social media immediately.

Correct schedules will be available at our VIP Days for those families who have turned in all paperwork and provided the correct documentation for residency verification.  Incorrect documentation will result in your student not receiving their books and schedule, so please be sure to check our website for all of the mandatory documents and paperwork.

No schedule changes will be addressed until after VIP Days, and counselors will not be returning phone calls or emails regarding the schedules that were incorrectly sent out today.

A reminder that VIP Days will close at 11:45am each day to ensure all families get through the process by 12:00pm.  Please check the PTO webpage for helpful hints on how to make your VIP Day as effective as possible, including the purchase of planners and yearbooks online.

We look forward to seeing everybody Wednesday through Friday, August 19-21, as we prepare for an exciting year.

A transcript of this message can be found at our website under the About Us channel under Achieved eBlasts.

Thank you and have a good evening.


Dear Parents,
As you prepare to bring your student to our VIP days on Wednesday, August 19th, through Friday, August 21st, please remember to bring the following:
For Residency Verification please bring 1 proof from each category.
For Category 1 please bring one of the following 
Mortgage statement or payment receipt
Rental Agreement or payment receipt
Property tax statement or receipt
Grant Deed
Escrow papers
From Category 2 please bring one of the following
Current Utility bill (SDGE, WATER, TRASH or CABLE)
Correspondence fro ma government agency
Voter registration
Current pay stub with your address
Please make sure you bring 1 proof from each category and that the proof has your address printed on it. If you do not have your proof or the proof does not have your address you and your child will not be able to continue through our VIP day. 

Thank you,

Kathie Gillett, Registrar
Counseling Department
San Elijo Middle School
Phone: 760-290-2810, Fax: 760-290-2832


Good evening San Elijo Families,

This is your principal, Dr. DeBora, with an announcement regarding Back to School Night. This Thursday, September 17th is our 6th grade Back to School Night.  This event begins promptly at 6pm in your child’s first period class. Please arrive early since parking is limited.  Also, we expect a crowd of over 1200 parents, so we ask that you make childcare plans, and please keep all children at home.  By arriving early, there will be time to visit our annual Book Fair in the Library before the evening.  Our PTO will also be available for spirit wear purchases and Dollar Drive Donation.  

If your 6th grade child takes band, there is a Band information night this Wednesday, September 16th, starting at 6:30pm in our PAC.  Band teachers will not be here on Thursday.  If your child is not in band then you can decide whether to visit EXPO or PE during that period, or parents can split up to cover both classes.  Please expect your child to bring home their filled out schedule and a map of the school for you to follow on Back to School Night.  Blank copies of the form are also available on our website.

Tomorrow your student will be receiving information regarding our ParentVUE and StudentVUE.  All of the information can also be found on our website.

Next Thursday, September 24th, we will conduct our 7th/8th Grade Back to School Night with the same times and process of our 6th Grade BTSN.


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year to all our students.  There are so many great events and changes going on at school, we want to keep everyone informed.  

Stay Connected, This email is going to be a new addition to the numerous forms of communication that parents have to the SEMS PTO.  We invite all parents to stay informed via: SEMS eBlasts: sign up at

Remind App: Text @semspto to 81010 to join. 
Twitter: @SEMSEagles 
Instagram: sems_pto
Online Store:

Facebook: Like “San Elijo Middle School PTO”

News & Events. Back to School Night for 6th graders ,Thursday, September 17 @ 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM. 
6:00 PM: Meet in your student's Period 1 class location and take a seat. Parents will follow their student's schedule, meet the teachers and learn what is happening their classes.Topics include: Curriculum, grading, homework and materials used at school. Back to School Night is not the time for individual conferences concerning specific students. If you wish to talk about your student, please contact the teacher for an appointment.    


6:00 PM - 6:10 PM:  Period 1

6:15 PM - 6:30 PM:  SEMS TV/Period 2
6:35 PM - 6:45 PM:  Period 3
6:50 PM - 7:00 PM:  Period 4B
7:05 PM - 7:15 PM:  Period 5
7:20 PM - 7:30 PM:  Period 6



PTO members will be present to answer any questions, help with your Dollar Drive Donation and have spirit wear available for purchase



Rising Star Program: Peter Pan      


Kick off for our annual magazine sale will begin this Thursday, September 17th.  Money made from this sale funds the majority of our PTO budget for the entire school year!  Benefits from the sale include new Chromebooks for classrooms, as well as other materials and services that benefit your child this year.  While incentives and prizes will be given for students that have high sales, we strongly encourage ALL families to consider purchasing just one magazine subscription in order to help us meet our budgeted goal.  In addition, we will be looking for parent volunteers during the magazine drive, whether to help with collection of forms or to help with fun incentive/prize activities during lunch.  Your student will bring home the magazine drive information on Thursday.  


The Rising Star Program is holding Peter Pan audition sign ups on Sept. 14, 16 & 18, after school by the PAC.  Students MUST present a parent authorization form to sign up.  



Forms are online at


Spirit Wear: Every first Friday of the month Spirit Wear will be available to purchase on campus in the morning! Don’t forget to wear your Spirit Wear on SPIRIT Fridays.  You can also purchase online at


Volunteer Opportunities Book Fair. Book Fair starting this Wednesday until Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Sign up at the link below

Magazine Drive starting Thursday, September 17 through October 30, 2015. Sign up at the link:




This past Thursday kicked off our 3 week magazine drive.  The first round of orders are due on Thursday, September 24 before school.  While we are asking each student to try their very best to sell at least one magazine, there are amazing prizes for our big sellers!  Sell just 10 subscriptions and your student will take part in the silly string show down between students and teachers!  The magazine drive is our largest fundraiser of the year.  Proceeds go towards Chromebook carts for the classroom as well as a variety of other items such as department funds.Any student that has sent at least 7 emails by Sunday night will take home a light up power stick at lunch on Monday.  One lucky winner will find a light up shark in their power stick and win a GO-PRO! Please refer to the packet they brought home on Thursday for more information.

RISING STARS: SEMS Rising Stars auditions for Peter Pan will be held the week of 9/21.  Any students called back for parts will be notified on Friday afternoon for call backs scheduled the week of 9/28.  Please check the school website for more information under Programs>SEMS Rising Stars.

SPIRIT WEAR: Every first Friday of the month Spirit Wear will be available to purchase on campus in the morning! Don’t forget to wear your Spirit Wear on SPIRIT Fridays.  You can also purchase online at

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT FOR 7TH & 8TH GRADE PARENTS: We hope to see you Thursday night from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (5:45pm for 0 period students). Please meet in your student's Period 1 class location and take a seat. Plan on arriving early, since parking near the school will be difficult. PTO has a table in the SEMS Circle, so stop by and purchase spirit wear, ask questions and learn about our big fundraiser! Visit the Book Fair in our Library! You may purchase books and other literary items. 

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Book Fair is looking for volunteers.  Sign up at the following link

Magazine Drive is looking for volunteers.  Please sign up at the following link:

STAY CONNECTED: eBlasts: sign up at Like “San Elijo Middle School PTO”, Remind App: Text @semspto to 81010 to join





Online Store:


9-22-2015 (for 7th and 8th grade parents)
Good evening San Elijo Families,

This is your principal, Dr. DeBora, with an announcement regarding Back to School Night. This Thursday, September 24th is our 7th and 8th grade Back to School Night.  This event begins promptly at 6pm in your child’s first period class. Please arrive early since parking is limited.  Also, we expect a crowd of over 1200 parents, so we ask that you make childcare plans, and please keep all children at home.  By arriving early, there will be time to visit our annual Book Fair in the library before the evening.  Our PTO will also be available for spirit wear purchases and Dollar Drive Donation.  

Your student will be completing a form with their schedule on it during second period on Thursday.  They will then be instructed to text and email it to you for your reference on Thursday night.  You can also access your child’s schedule through the StudentVUE and ParentVUE portals.  There will not be schedules at the Back to School Night as we transition to paperless communication.

Also, please consider supporting our annual fundraiser, the magazine sale.  Monies raised will go towards purchasing Chromebooks for your child to use in classes.  This is our main fundraiser for the entire year, and we appreciate any amount you can contribute to your child’s educational experience .

Thanks for listening and have a great evening.



A NOTE FROM YOUR PTO: Magazine Drive

This is the final week of our magazine drive! There is still time to get your orders in and to help support the PTO's largest fundraiser of the year. Final collection of orders will take place on Thursday, October 8th before school in the SEMS circle. Students who sell 1-5 orders between last Thursday at 5:00 am and this Thursday will receive monsters for their lanyards. Students with at least 7 sales between last Thursday at 5:00 am and this Thursday will get to take part in the Money Pillow activity on Friday at lunch.

Please remember that all in hand orders must include payment. Thank you for supporting SEMS!

Rising Star Update

Congratulations to the 2016 cast of Peter Pan!  First rehearsal is Monday, October 5th in the PAC.

Passive Fundraising

Getting a Flu Shot?

If you choose to get your flu shot, the San Eiljo Albertson’s is offering to donate a ream of paper to our school for each vaccination.  Please see the school website for the flyer to present at the Pharmacy.  Offer expires 10/30/15.

Spirit Wear

Don't forget to wear your Spirit Wear on Spirit Friday's. Next Spirit Wear on sale on campus is Friday is November  6th from 7:30 - 8:05am.

Stay Connected

The PTO has had an amazing response to our Stay Connected drive.  Please invite friends and others at SEMS to stay informed via:  

10-5-2015- CJSF Phone Message:
Hello Parents and Students of San Elijo Middle School, 
This communication is to inform you of some changes that are going to be made, effective immediately, with our CJSF program here at SEMS. In reviewing the California Junior Scholarship Federation By-laws, we have been out of compliance with these parameters for membership the past few years. In the past, SEMS has included  6th, 7th, and 8th graders, as well as members and honor roll students, for the field trip opportunities. Article three, Section 1 of the by-laws state that
                          (a) Members of the chapter shall be those students who have met the required eligibility standards during the preceding 
                           semester/trimester, as specified in Article IV below, and who have made proper application for membership. On a campus that 
                           includes 6th grade, second semester 6th graders as well as first semester 7th graders have no official CJSF status

We need to be in compliance with the CJSF rules in order to maintain our membership with this organization. These are the changes that will now be in place:
  • The fall field trip will only include those 8th grade students who completed a membership application through our counseling office and meet the CJSF standards with their 2nd semester report card for the 2014-2015 school year.
  • The spring field trip will include 7th and 8th grade students who complete a membership application through our counseling office and meet the CJSF standards with their 1st semester report card for the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Honor roll students will not be eligible for the field trip either semester.
We apologize to the 7th graders who turned in their application for CJSF earlier this school year, due to the current understanding of the by-laws, those applications are not valid. We appreciate your understanding with these changes. We want to ensure that San Elijo Middle is in compliance from this point forward with the by-laws of The California Junior Scholarship Federation.

Dear San Elijo Families,

This is your principal, Dr. DeBora, with two important, and related, items for your attention.

The first is the need for parent representatives for our School SIte Council.  Our School Site Council is a group of nominated and voted on parents, teachers, staff, and students.  The council meet 3 times per year to review our school plan, budgets, goals, and help communicate our direction with the community.  If you are interested, please email me a short 3-5 sentence biography that will be used in our voting process.

The second item has to do with student behaviors after school, which is one of the items we discuss at School Site Council.  There have been several complaints from Albertson’s as well as the public regarding our students’ behavior in the community after school.  While we want to support and educate students on acceptable behavior, we cannot always be in the community after school.  This is a parenting issue, but also creates a legal issue of loitering, vandalism, and other matters that we have directed local businesses to involve law enforcement when witnessed.  This includes behaviors at high school football games and other community events.  Please ensure your child is representing themselves, our school, and your family in a proper way.

Thank you for your attention to these issues.  Again, please email me at if you are interested in serving on our School Site Council.

Have a good evening,

Dear San Elijo Families,
We need your feedback regarding some important school and community events (the first three items have a feedback component), and we wanted you to be aware of the busy next couple of weeks:
1.  The next Conversation With the Principal is this Friday, October 23, from 9:00am-9:45am in our PAC.  You will need to enter through the regular Campus Check In located on Elfin Forest.  This month’s theme will be Digital Citizenship and the Importance of PTO.  There is also a new resources page on our website under the Resources channel for you to preview, as well as see future dates and topics as they become available.  As you can see, we are looking for topics that you would like to hear more about.  If you have topics you would like us to consider, please respond to this email with your suggestions.
2.  There will be a Community Workshop to address traffic concerns in the San Elijo Hills community.  This collaborative event will be held in our SEMS PAC on Monday, October 26, from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Representatives from the City of San Marcos, San Diego Sheriff Department, and SMUSD will present strategies and next steps to help with traffic concerns in the area.  You will also have the chance to help identify what the city can install and implement that may help the traffic congestion.  
3.  Speak Up Survey- A very important survey is now on our website for you and your student to complete.  This helps guide our decision making regarding technology at our school.  This is a very important piece of feedback and communication from the community, and we appreciate your time in collaborating with us.  As a show of our appreciation, students who complete the survey will be awarded 30 minutes of community service through their history class.  Parents who complete the survey will also gain their student 30 minutes of time (1 hour total regardless of how many parents complete the survey in the household, but we would like each parent to complete their own survey).
4.  Wednesday, 10/21: National Unity Day, wear ORANGE and unite against Bullying. #UNITYDAY2015 
5.  Wednesday, 10/21: Band Dine out @ Mrs. Taco: 2215 S. Melrose Dr., Vista 92081
6.  Monday, 10/26-Friday, 10/30: Red Ribbon Week 
Monday- Black/White Out
Tuesday- Dress up as Your Future Self
Wednesday - Duplicate Day
Thursday - All Red Day
Friday - Halloween Costumes
While we will allow Halloween costumes, all outfits must be able to show the students face, and all must be within dress code.  Hats and head coverings will be allowed on a  case by case basis if they go with the costume, and costumes in poor taste will not be tolerated.  Administration makes the final call on all attire.
7.  Thursday, 10/29 @ 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM:  Hocus Pocus Dance in PAC.  Tickets can be purchased at lunch in front of Room 401 for $7.00.
8.  Please remember that you can support SEMS and get your flu shot at the same time.  Please see all of the information at:
Thank you, 
Dr. DeBora
Hello SEMS Families,
Today your student brought home a ballot for you to complete regarding our School Site Council. A School Site Council (SSC) is required, under state law, to serve as the school community representative body for determining the focus of the school's academic instructional program and all its related categorical resources.
Please use the ballot to select three (3) parent members for our School Site Council. You may also write in parents not on this ballot. If your child did not bring home the ballot, please go to our website and download a copy to complete at
Options for returning this ballot include:
1.  Return this to the front office, AP Office, or Counseling Office at San Elijo Middle School by Friday, October 30, 2015.
2.  Scan and email this ballot back to by Friday, October 30, 2015.
3.  Type an email with the three names you choose and send the email to by Friday, October 30, 2015.
4.  Turn the ballot into any teacher and they will return it to the front office.
Thank you for your participation as we strive to provide more enhanced communication this year.
Have a great evening,
Dr. DeBora

Hello SEMS Families,

We conduct an annual survey that helps shape our vision of how technology supports and enhances our teaching and learning here at San Elijo Middle School (SEMS).  Please take 15-25 minutes to complete the Speak Up Survey at:

As appreciation for your time and feedback, students can earn 30 minutes of community service through their history classes for completing the survey and printing the completion form.  Students can earn an additional 30 minutes of service if their parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. also complete the survey (30 min total for families).  Please send this email to anyone in the SEMS community who would like to offer their feedback regarding technology at SEMS.

Thanks again for your time,

SEMS Administration and Mr. Brooks


Dear SEMS Families,

Here are some reminders and helpful tips as we head into the holidays:

  1. On November 19th , 2015 from 4:30 to 7:30pm come to San Elijo Middle School to enroll in health insurance for 2016 with North County Health Services. North County Health Services is offering FREE health insurance enrollment assistance to help you choose a plan, fill out the paperwork and even make your first appointment. For more information please call 760-736-6734 or Once again, call 760-736-6734 or visit - we hope to see you on November 19th , 2015 at San Elijo Middle School, Se habla Español.

  2. CJSF Field Trip payments to AMF Eagle Bowling will be collected before school only from Nov 30- Dec 11. $15.00 exact cash only. You can also purchase on our webstore at

  3. Minimum Release Day: Fri Dec 18, 2015.  Release time is 12:02pm.

  4. Winter Break: Mon Dec 21 through Mon Jan 11, 2016. Students return to school Tuesday Jan 12, 2016.

  5. Martin Luther King Holiday: Mon Jan 18, 2016.  No school.

  6. SEMS will be partnering with Schoola, a non-profit organization, to help raise money for school programs.  We will be collecting gently used CHILDREN'S and WOMEN’S clothing, ESPECIALLY SHOES AND PURSES!  Fill a bag with your outgrown clothes for
    women and children and do a good dead for our school at the same time!  Please drop off your items in the PAC in the morning BEFORE school November 30th- December 4th.  So, remember to clean out your closets of any unwanted clothes for women and children over the break!  Bring them in for our drive starting MONDAY Nov 30th!  Be sure to ask permission from you parents too!

Finally, as another violent tragedy dominates the news and there seems no end to trying to find appropriate ways to handle this type of event with our young people. We found two resources that you might appreciate to guide your own communications and, perhaps, share with others if you need assistance in talking about this (and other) tragedies with your students.

Hug the ones you love.

Happy holidays from the SEMS family to yours!

Hello Families,
One of our staff members, Kim Cole, had her email account hacked.  If you receive an email from her within the next 24 hours with an attachment, please do not open the attachment, and delete the entire email.  If opened, it may send a virus throughout your entire computer, contacts, and network.  Our technology department is working on finding the person or persons responsible.
In general, if you are not 100% sure of who is sending you emails, the attachments that come with emails, or you have any suspicions, we would caution you against opening them.  Please be even more cautious with staff emails for the near future in case this is not an isolated incident.
Thank you,
Dr. DeBora 

Hello SEMS Families,

All students- please visit our website and click on the headline "Voluntary Survey" to provide feedback to the school.  All survey feedback will need to be completed by Friday, December 18th.  The link is

For all families, there is still time to help shape our vision as it relates to technology by completing the Speak Up Survey also located under our Headlines section.  That survey also closes on Dec 18th.  That link can be found at

Thank you for your participation and support for the betterment of our students and school. 

We would like to wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons.
Dr. DeBora 

Good evening families,

This is your principal, Dr. DeBora, with a two-minute message.

Today during our on-going education and prevention attempts to stop all mean behavior towards each student, a video that had been approved by administration was aired.  While the intent of the video was to show how mean words and actions can have a negative impact on students, we understand that some students may have been upset by the video.  We also understand that parents may be upset, and we are taking steps to vet this process of communication in the future.

I addressed the students and staff over our intercom system at 2:05pm to assure students that we are here to help if they are feeling sad or upset.  I also reiterated the intent of the video.  Our support staff will join me tomorrow with additional resources and helpful hints for those students who are feeling anything less than safe, loved and cared for on our campus or anywhere else.

We will continue to address all forms of mean behavior towards others.

We will also be planning a parent night as an additional communication effort to help address this concern.  A date and time for this parents-only opportunity will be forthcoming on the PTO Facebook page and school website.

If you need additional resources, please visit our Bully Awareness Comittee pageon our school website under the Programs channel at

Thank you for your time.  Have a good evening.

Dear Parents,

Take a good look at this sketch of a man suspected of trying to grab a child in San Marcos.
Alert Photo

It happened between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on April 6th in the area of the trailhead on Melrose Drive near San Elijo Road. That's where investigators say the suspect tried to a grab a 13-year-old male jogger.

The victim was able to run away from the suspect and was not hurt.

The jogger describes the suspect as a tall, heavyset black man with short dreadlocks that have dyed tips. He also had hair on the side of his face. The suspect was wearing solid black "gauge" style earrings about half the size of a dime. He also had a tattoo on his left forearm.

The suspect was wearing a white t-shirt, camouflage shorts, white ankle high socks and gray tennis shoes.

The suspect's vehicle is described as possibly a 2004 white Chevy pickup truck (or similar model) with a white camper shell.

If you know this man or h ave any information on his whereabouts, call the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477. You may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest.
For full details, please click here.

Hello SEMS Families,

Here are some important reminders, as well as a correction from a previous communication.

  1. In an earlier eBlast and web posting, it was mentioned that Tuesday, June 21 was a minimum day.  That was incorrect.  Tuesday, June 21 is a regular day, with students being released at 2:10pm.  The schedule for the day will be:  Period 5, 6, 3, 4, 1, 2.  I apologize for the error.

  2. There is a parent survey on our website that we hope you take a moment to complete.  Communication and feedback are important as we continue to adjust and improve as a school.  The link to the survey can be found here:

  3. Due to a new law passed in California (Senate Bill 277), all students will need their immunizations updated and current by the start of the next school year.  This includes previously exempt students under the personal beliefs exemption.  That past exemption is now null and void.

  4. This Wednesday, May 4, is our EXPO Night.  Please visit the PAC (open house style) from 5:30pm-7:30pm to view our students’ art, technology, band, and language projects and advancements from this year.  We have very creative students, and this is a wonderful opportunity for them to showcase their talents.

  5. This Thursday, May 5, will be a minimum day (lunch will be served).  Students will be dismissed at 12:02pm.  This will be the last minimum day with lunch served.  On the last day of school, June 22, no lunch will be served (students are still released at 12:02pm).

  6. Registration for the Mini-Marathon will be from May 16-20 at both lunches.  The cost is $25.  The day of the race is Friday, June 17.

  7. The weekend of May 21-22 we will host an E-Recycling at the Albertson’s in San Elijo Hills from 10am-4pm.  Please check our website for the specifics.

  8. Please check with your student regarding our test testing that started this week.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful moms…

Dr. DeBora


Dear SEMS Parents,

This is Dr. DeBora with a message regarding end of the year expectations regarding student behavior.

As we make the push towards the end of the year, we want you to be aware of a message the administrative team sent to all students today during SEMS TV.  Our expectations of student behavior are all in effect until the end of the day on June 22, and there are no changes to those expectations.  We have exciting events coming up after testing, for example yearbook distribution on June 16, and the mini-marathon on June 17.  For 8th grade students, there is also the 8th grade party on June 18, as well as promotion on June 21.  We want all students to have the opportunity to participate.  However, if students choose to misbehave, they will not allowed to experience the fun activities at the end of the year. If an 8th grader is suspended from now until the end of the year, they may not be allowed to participate in the promotion ceremony per board policy.

We have seen an increase in creative behaviors that challenge our expectations, and we want everybody to have the same understanding of possible consequences as we move into these last few weeks.  Parents, please help us with this message, and talk with your student about the importance of finishing the year on a positive note.

Thank you for your help in delivering this message to your students.

Have a great evening,

SEMS Administration


Good evening all SEMS Families,

This is Dr. DeBora with a call regarding tomorrow’s schedule.

Tomorrow is a regular day of school, with both the normal start time of 8:02 am, as well as the normal release time of 2:10 pm.  During the day, students will flip the morning periods with the afternoon periods, but the times will remain the same.  For example, the first class students will attend is their 5th period class, followed by their 6th period class.  Periods 3 and 4 are the same, so that lunch time and classes around lunches are not disrupted.  Then, at 12:27 pm, students will go to their first period class, and they will end the day with their second period.  This is being done so the 8th grade students can practice for their promotion ceremony.

We will have multiple reminders around campus to help with any questions.

Thank you.  8th grade families, you will receive a second phone call within the hour with promotion specifics.  Please do not hang up thinking that the same call was re-sent.

Have a great evening,

6-20-2016 (8th Grade families only)

Hello 8th Grade families,

This is Dr. DeBora with some specifics regarding tomorrow evening’s 8th grade promotion.  The text of this message can be found on our website under About Us, Archived eBlasts, and also under the first Headline: NEW- 8th Grade Promotion Details.

The ceremony will begin at 6:00 pm on our Athletic Field.  The only entrance and exit will be through the main gate on Schoolhouse Way that leads directly to the ceremony.  That gate will open at 5:00 pm.

All students need to be in the gym at 4:45 pm.  The parking lot will be closed, so parents will need to drop students off along Schoolhouse Way, and student will need to walk into the gym.

No cell phones are allowed.  We want students to be in the moment with their classmates.  Please leave cell phones with parents or at home.

Students need to be dress code appropriate, and girls are discouraged from wearing heels, as they will be walking on uneven grass.

We are expecting over 3000 visitors.  Parking will be very difficult.  The SEMS lot will be closed, but the elementary school lot will be available.  There will be an area cleared at the gate for dropping of elderly or people needing assistance.  There is very limited disabled parking.

Please talk with your student regarding where they are seated so you can plan accordingly.  Students will be sitting with their first period teacher, and teachers are grouped alphabetically from right to left as you look at the stage.

Please do not bring balloons.  All balloons will be tied on the fence as you enter the gates.  No balloons are allowed in the sitting area.

Please check our website for further answers and information.

Thank you and have a great evening.