San Elijo Middle School

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Counseling Welcome

     Welcome, Students and Parents! Please select a topic from the navigation bar at left to learn more about the San Elijo Middle School Counseling Department and the resources we offer to support student academic success.

What does the Counseling Department offer to students?
      Counselors advise students on course selection, educational goals, and career planning. Counselors also assist if a student faces a challenge or problem that interferes with school. Other staff members and resources available to help students include our principal, assistant principals, school psychologist, nurse, librarian, support groups, and peer helpers.


Who is my school counselor?
     SEMS has three school counselors and a school psychologist on staff.



 Mrs. Celena Breining


 Student Last Name begins A - L

 Mrs. Michelle Santiago


 Student Last Name begins M - Z

 Ms. Joyce Brandon


 Student Programs and Groups

 Mr. Jason Degtyarev


 School Psychologist


How do I see my Counselor?
     Students may come to the Counseling Office before or after school, or during lunch, to request an appointment with their counselor. Students should fill out a "Request to Meet with Counselor" form, available at the office counter.
**In the event of a personal emergency, a student should request a pass
to the Counseling Office from his/her teacher.**
Schedule Change Policy
     Schedule changes are inherently disruptive to students, teachers, and others involved; hence, changes are considered only after other options are explored. Counselors are available to help students, parents, and teachers work through situations that may develop and arrive at the best solution for a student's continued academic success.
     Changes to class schedules due to health or medical reasons must be requested through the Health Office.

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