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Happy new school year to all of our San Marcos Middle School community! 

As our students experience the nervous excitement that comes with a new school year – reconnecting with old friends, facing the uncertainty of new teacher – it is the perfect time to review and connect with the principles that we focus on as Crusaders.

The middle years are truly a time of transition and, we believe, are some of the most important years that students will experience in school. Elementary children walk through our doors as 6th graders, barely free from the playground, and in three short years leave us as adolescents ready for high school and beyond. In those years we must not only prepare students for the academic rigors that they will face in the future, we also recognize it is our obligation to help them build the character and grit to successfully navigate their world in school and in life. 

In middle school, students are making choices that will determine who they are as people in the future. As such, at San Marcos Middle we want our students to recognize, understand, and accept that CHARACTER COUNTS…ALL THE TIME - EVERYDAY…IN EVERY WAY. We expect our students to show their character in their academics, using their head to learn relevant skills, think critically and creatively, and to collaborate with others to problem solve in all aspects of their learning. Character means preparing for and positively contributing to every class, every day. Our students must also develop and demonstrate character using their heart – showing kindness, respect, and compassion to each other and to their community. And finally, our students must learn that an essential part of character is the ability to persist even when things are hard. In middle school, as in life, we will be faced with disappointments and failures. Those with hustle – with grit and determination – recognize these difficulties as an opportunity for growth, using it as a springboard for even greater accomplishments.  We know that it is during the lowest times, those times when we feel like giving up, that our character grows most – through belief in ourselves, perseverance and grit, success will always follow.

Our Crusader parents play a vital role in our educational mission. Through proactive choices you can do a great deal to support your student:

1.       Use the Academic Planner. Every student is given a planner to record their assignments and organize their school life. Set the expectation that your student will write in their planner every day, and follow up with a nightly review of their assignments and completed work.

2.      Monitor Grades and Assignments through Jupiter Grades. You will receive information regarding use of the system. Access grades regularly and encourage your students to do the same. We have computers available for your use throughout the day if you are in need of access to technology.

3.      Contact Teachers and Counselors. When you have a question or concern, do not hesitate to contact teachers. Do not wait for a small concern to turn into a larger problem; we want to hear from you!

4.      Communicate your Expectations. You are your child’s greatest role model for academic and personal success. Help your child set goals for their future and share your own. Help them envision the person they want to become, the dreams they have for themselves, and the path it will take to meet them. These goals, steady work toward them, and your support will help to build their character and grit and will be the fuel to help drive your student into a successful adulthood.

We look forward to a great school year with all of our students and families!


Tiffany Campbell

Principal, San Marcos Middle School

  Mrs. Campbell
                Mrs. Tiffany Campbell
                   School Principal