Woodland Park Middle School

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Standards for Mathematical Practices
for All Math Levels
1.   Making sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
2.   Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
3.   Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
4.   Model with mathematics.
5.   Use appropriate tools strategically.
6.   Attend to precision.
7.   Look for and make use of structure.
8.   Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.


Common Core Standards

8th Grade Algebra I (CA State Standards)
Students learn to reason symbolically. Students learn to solve problems employing multiple techniques and extend their mathematical thinking, providing justifications for problem solving steps.
  • Linear Equations and Systems of Linear Equations
  • Operations with Polynomials
  • Quadratic Equations: Factoring, Completing the Square, Quadratic Formula
  • Operations with Rational Expressions and Functions
  • Solve Word Problems by Using Symbolic Notations and Applying Algebraic Techniques 
Algebra I Teachers
  Mr. Anderson -   Room 301
  Ms. Earlywine -  Room 503
  Ms. Marti -         Room 501
  Ms. Morison -     Room 504
8th Grade Geometry (CA State Standards)
Students develop geometric skills and concepts, along with the ability to construct formal logical arguments.
  • The basic nature of logical reasoning
  • Geometric Proofs
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Basic Trigonometric Functions
Geometry Teachers
Ms. Earlywine - Room 503  
Ms. Morison -    Room 504
7th Grade Pre-Algebra (CA State Standards)
Students learn to manipulate numbers and equations and understand the general principles at work.
  • Exponents Pythagorean Theorem
  • Geometry: Compute surface area and volume as well as understand their relationship
  • Conversions between units of measurement
  • Use different representations of fractional numbers Increase understanding of ratios and proportions
  • Compute percents of increase and decrease along with interest computations. Graph linear functions and understand the idea of slope
Pre-Algebra Teachers
  Mr. Anderson - Room 301
  Ms. Earlywine  Room 503 
  Ms. Lizardi -     Room 502
 Ms. Marti -       Room 501
  Ms. Morison -   Room 504
6th Grade (CA State Standards)
Students learn fluency using operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers.  Students lay a critically important foundation, for all applied areas of mathematics, of solving one-step linear equations.
  • Arithmetic operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and integers
  • Statistics and probability
  • Measures of central tendencies and analyze data
  • Conceptually understand and work with ratios and proportions, along with solving percentage and discount problems
  • Know  pi and the formulas for the area of a circle and the circumference
  • Solve one-step linear equations
6th Grade Teachers
  Ms. Culbertson -    Room 304
 Ms. Lizardi -           Room 502
  Ms. Roberts  -        Room 613
  Ms. Taylor -           Room 302




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