Carrillo Elementary School

Room Parents
Thank you so much for volunteering in your child’s classroom this year! We are very grateful to you for the priceless gift of time you are giving to our students, our staff, and our families! Research shows that one of the most important characteristics of excellent schools is the development of a strong collaborative relationship between parents and school staff. The role of PTO Liaisons and Room Parents is one of the key elements in this home-school partnership at Carrillo Elementary.
Through your efforts, you will contribute to the richness of the classroom and school experience for all of our students. You will also improve the academic experience of our students by providing effective support to the classroom teacher so that he or she has more time to focus on the important aspects of teaching and education.
One thing that makes Carrillo Elementary such a special place is the great working relationship that exists between the parent community and staff. Through your efforts as a volunteer, you will help to make a positive difference in the academic and social lives of every child at our school, and we are extremely grateful for your time and your commitment to helping maintain our school’s excellence!

At first glance, the sheer volume of the resource manual, located at this link, may seem overwhelming – please do not be
alarmed! In a nutshell, the PTO Liaison will primarily forward emails from us/PTO to their classroom parents, and the Room Parents will coordinate gifts for their teacher on behalf of the class & assist with celebrations. What we have done in this manual is outlined precise steps and templates than can be used to help you carry out these duties.

Whether you’re a first time volunteer at our school, or a seasoned pro, we hope the resource manual provides you with helpful information for the upcoming school year. This handbook should provide both a general overview and a clear outline of the various duties for PTO Liaisons and Room Parents, as well as general guidelines for carrying out these duties. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

 With gratitude & appreciation,

Carrillo Elementary PTO

Lynn Moran & Kim Turner

Co-VPs of PTO Communications

Contact Info:

Lynn Moran – or 760.521.8528

Kim Turner –

PTO Desk Telephone (760) 290-2919 (Voice mail is checked daily)