Carrillo Elementary School

peace patrol

The Peace Patrol program is offered to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders here at Carrillo. In the past the program trained students to become problem solvers when it came to playground disputes between fellow students. Peace Patrol kids will now be trained to help students who need a friend. They are to look out for those who do not seem to be enjoying their recess and lunch times and suggest friendly activities to play with them. Peace Patrol is great for those kids who project positivity everywhere they go and are not shy to step up and introduce themselves to make new friends. 

Peace Patrol Pledge:
 As a Peace Patrol Officer

 I ____________________ pledge to uphold the peace between my fellow Carrillo Colts by following the Carrillo Way, being responsible for the safety of others and myself, being helpful, making a positive difference, and showing my Carrillo Spirit!

Peace Patrol Leaders: Luke Salas and Hilda Meza 
Last Modified on October 7, 2015