Discovery Elementary School

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Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)

Discovery’s GATE program is designed to assist in meeting the unique needs of students who demonstrate superior ability. The program begins in third grade with a multiple criteria identification process. Students in grade 3 are screened, GATE students are clustered in specific classrooms in order to provide instruction that differentiates the curriculum and provides them with advanced learning opportunities.

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Students in grades K-5 use computers to complement class instruction. Computers are used as part of the regular classroom curriculum and compliment the teaching of Common Core Standards.

Student Study Team (SST)

Students experiencing academic, language, behavioral, or emotional difficulties can be referred by a teacher, parent, or administrator to the SST team, which is comprised of the parent, classroom teacher, psychologist, speech therapist, administrator and Specialized Academic Instruction teacher. The purpose of the SST team is to review the needs of the child and develop a plan for success. Prior to referral, the parent and teacher will have a conference and discussed any concerns.  

Speech Therapy

Students are referred for screening and/or training by teachers or parents. Parents are welcome to contact the school regarding assistance in this important area.

Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI)

Children who have been identified as having a specific learning disability, are provided services in the Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI). Working together, parents, teachers, and other appropriate personnel develop, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to target each child’s identified needs.

School Psychological Services
Services are available for students who are experiencing significant learning or behavioral issues.
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