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August/September 2015


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! We are so happy to see your smiling faces back at Richland for an incredible new school year!  We look  forward to a year of academics and learning, expanding minds and potential through growth mindset.  We will be living our lives through the7 Habits of Happy Kids and growing leaders of  character as  future citizens of the world. Richland is a great place to be!  

One way to promote success with your children is to be  involved in their education. Parents are an integral part of our school and we welcome you on campus!

Safety at Richland

We are dedicated to the academic success of your students but, first and foremost, we are dedicated to Richland being a safe place for all students to grow and learn.  To keep our children safe, we have been enforcing some procedures to keep  students safe.


 Richland Elementary School is joining all San Marcos Schools as a CLOSED CAMPUS this year. At  DROP OFF AND PICK UP, please meet your children OUTSIDE the Richland gates. Children will make their way to the front or side of the school as soon as they are dismissed from class.  Waiting outside the gates allows an uninterrupted flow of students after school.  If you have an appointment on campus, we ask that you check in at the office and wear a “Visitor” badge. 


Also, when picking up in front of the school, we ask that you pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD, REMAIN IN your car, and await your child.  Cars left unattended block the flow of traffic and back things up.  IF you need to come on campus after school, please park your car in a parking space and walk up.  We are doing a great job of getting 867 students picked up after school and everyone’s effort is appreciated!


CONSTRUCTION: With the installation of our community’s new traffic light comes some temporary inconveniences. Please be mindful of the changing traffic in front of Richland and PLEASE allow for extra patient time as well as follow all traffic laws.  In the not so distant future, all this will be a blur and we will have a wonderful improvement to our community.


Come Join us on Friday, September 4th at 8:45 for a Principal Coffee Chat to learn about our new Character Ed program, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, our Parent Book Club, and our new Closed Campus Procedure, as well as time to ask questions and get to know each other! It truly takes a village!


It is our absolute privilege to be your principals!   Lena Martinez, our Assistant Principal, and I are honored to work with your students, our dedicated teachers and your families to make this year the best yet! We look forward to an excellent year!!

Julie Barbara and Lena Martinez 

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