Richland Elementary School

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                                  Richland Elementary Sch00l Stampede 
                                               February 2016

CALENDAR OF EVENTS:  Please find attached Richland’s February Calendar of Events. We have a jam packed month with  Family Football Friday, President’s long  weekend and report cards.    

February is the month of LOVE!   Students love school and all it entails.  They LOVE the engaging, collaborative learning going on, they LOVE the enriching supplemental learning like STEAM, art, VAPA and computer lab. They LOVE the after school programs like Karate, Biz Town, Lego and Band/Guitar and they LOVE all the fun things like Family Football Friday, Dine outs and Rock and Roll Recess.  There is so much to LOVE about Richland!

TRAFFIC  CONSTRUCTION, PARKING, AND PICK UP:  While so much learning is going on at Richland, our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is keeping your children safe. The traffic light is installed and should be functioning by the time you receive this Stampede.  The city of San Marcos made changes to the legal parking spots availalbel on Rose Rancho so please pay attention to street signs. PLEASE be sure to follow the Mustang Way as well as Richland Parking and Pick Up Rules by forming ONE line to pick up students. Please DO NOT call your students to run out between cars to be picked up in the inside traffic lane.  Also, traffic lights tend to encourage speeding so please be sure to follow the 25 mile an hour school zone. It may take a little longer but a few minutes to ensure children’s safety is worth the time!  Thanks for your synergy!

REPORT CARD COMING SOON: With San Marcos’ transition to semesters, it seems like a long time since report cards but… they are here!  First semester ends Friday, January 29th and report cards go home Tuesday,  February 16th!

IDENTI-A-KID SECURITY SYSTEM:  We take security at our school and the protection of your children very seriously. In light of recent acts of school violence nationwide, we will be implementing a visitor control and tracking system called the Complete Campus Security System (CCSS). The CCSS system will scan a visitor’s U.S. driver’s license or state issued I.D. and  check the visitor against the United States Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry and every State Sexual Offender Database.  If the visitor does not have an acceptable identification to be scanned, the system can be accessed manually. 

When you visit Richland, go to the visitor PC kiosk, click on the appropriate badge, scan your driver’s license and select the reason for your visit. Then, simply click on print and the system will quickly take your photo, log your time and print you a visitor badge. Please wear this badge at all times while in the school. When you leave, simply click the log out box and type the number on your badge.  We are pleased to be able to provide this program to help assure the safety of all of our students.  Thank you for your help in making our school a safer place for your children.

KINDERGARTEN/TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION 2016/2017: Packets can be picked up from the office starting Thursday, February 4th.  Students who turn five prior to September 2nd can register for Kindergarten.  Students who turn five between September 2nd and December 2nd can register for Transitional Kindergarten!  Registration Packets are due Thursday, April 21st to be in the morning lottery.  The results of the Lottery will be posted on Monday, April 27th.

Enjoy February reflecting on all the LOVE we have!

Julie Barbara and Lena Martinez                     Principal/Assistant Principal



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