Richland Elementary School

Proud Traditions and New Opportunities

Richland Elementary Stampede

October  2015


This has been an incredible start to our 2015-2016 school year!  We have already started those healthy academic habits and growth mindset. We see so much rigor and growth with lots of reading and math going on!

On the back of the Stampede, you will find our Richland Calendar of Events for October.   Join your child and stay involved in their education.  There are so many fun and important events in the month of October. We hope to see you at our Halloween Carnival on October 17th!

Valeria’s Butterflies

"Valeria's Butterflies" have taken off!  In case you were unaware, one of our littlest first grade Mustangs, Valeria,  has been diagnosed with Leukemia. So many beautiful notes of kindness and well wishes as well as donations from our Mustang family are coming in every day.  Thank you to everyone who supported and help spread the word of need for our little one!  We are thankful  to supply the Raymundo's with such positivity and support!

Traffic Construction and Parking


Thank you to everyone who has brought patience and understanding to our daily commute to school. Each day brings us a different construction path. We appreciate those that:

·         stay in their cars at drop off and pick up. We will  bring the kids to you!

·         Follow the yellow/orange vests of teachers,  supervisors, traffic personnel’s crossing  directions.

·         Form a SINGLE file line at pick and do not double park. It’s not safe for students to dart among cars!

·         Pull ALL the way up so we can fit as many cars as we can in our drop off and pick up lanes.

·         Park your cars when you  need to visit campus. Thanks for NOT parking in the red driveup lane.


It takes a village and we thank you for all your synergy to make this transition as smooth as possible. We manage to get 848 students picked up safely and soundly within 20 minutes with everyone’s  positivity and help.

The “Common Core”-ner

This box is dedicated to parent information regarding the implementation of Common Core State Standards.


What is a Lexile?  Students will soon be coming home with information regarding what Lexile Level they are reading and learning. The following is a grid to show you the range of expectations for your child’s grade.

            Grade        CCSS Text Measures


190L to 530L


420L to 650L


520L to 820L



740L  to 940L

830L to 1010L





Enjoy the changing of the seasons, cooler weather, impeding rain and the chance to snuggle with your children!    

                  Julie Barbara and Lena Martinez

Principal/Assistant Principal


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